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Fakhry Exports Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1978 with sole motive that reads, "To provide the best quality of "Halal","حلال" buffalo meat & sheep meat, which are absolutely free from chemicals and processed under extreme conditions of hygiene."
Fakhry exports variety of 'quality ascertained' meat items like Fresh frozen meat, food items, fruits, vegetables, fresh frozen fruits, fresh frozen vegetables, all processed meat items, top side, thick flank, knuckle, silver side, rump steak, "Halal", "حلال" compensated boneless buffalo veal meat compising veal legs and bobby veal. "Halal", "حلال" compenseted boneless buffalo meat compising, hind quarters, fore quarters, buffalo tenderloin,fresh buffalo meat. Each of our consignment is accompanied by "Halal", "حلال" certificates, issued by authorized and renowned islamic organization, the MAHKAMA-E-SHARIA.

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